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What is a Divan Bed?

What is a Divan Bed?

Looking to see if a divan bed is the right choice for you? Bed shopping can be confusing – There are so many choices of beds to choose from and some of the bed types can leave you scratching your head. So, we have a series of blogs to explain what each type of bed is so you can make an informed decision.

A divan bed is often a wooden base which is upholstered in some type of fabric, and then a matching mattress is placed on top of this base. The Divan bed base also tends to come with drawers on the base for storage, which can be quite handy.

You’ll also notice that the majority of divan beds come on wheels, making them easy to move around your room. They are also fairly easy to assemble.  

Why people love Divan beds:

  • Very durable
  • Simple to set up
  • Looks elegant
  • Can choose your own headboard for a truly unique look
  • Delivered to room of choice
  • Storage options available from as little as £40
  • Fabric options available
  • Comes in a range of sizes

Why some people don’t like Divan beds:

As with all bed types there are some aspects of a divan bed that some consumers are not so fond of:

  • Bulky, so some say they are not great to move into different rooms
  • Although some prefer it, it does make a mattress feel firmer than wooden slats
  • The headboards are bought separate and some prefer a full package
  • Metal or wooden beds have more styles and some prefer the more modern look of a bed.

Does the divan bed save space in the bedroom?

The great thing about divan beds is that they can be bought be storage underneath which means the integrated drawers can be a great space to store your linens, clothes, shoes and other items.

Divan beds take up a few less inches that a separate bed frame of the same size because the mattress sits directly on top of the base, rather than inside the frame. This saves you a couple of inches all around the bed.

Choosing a mattress for your Divan:

We have a range of mattress options available to purchase with your Divan.

Here is a selection of our favourite mattresses to go with your divan base:

1)  Aurora 1000 PT – Advanced Foam starting from £249

2) Revive 37.5 – Hydrogel Mattress starting from £359

3) Latex 2000 – Natural Mattress starting from £369

4) Ruby Mattress – Sleepeadic Mattress starting from £139

Choosing a headboard for your Divan bed:

1) Sana Headboard – Starting from £239

2) Dune Classic – Starting from £199

3) Hana Headboard – Starting from £149

The ranges of Divan beds we have on offer:

1) Standard Divan, available in Chenille or Crush velvet, starting from £69

2) Premium Divan, available in (Plush/Wool/Linen/Hercules), starting from £89

3) Floating Divan, starting from £129

Storage options available with your Divan bed:

  1. Standard drawers from £20 each
  2. Jumbo drawers from £25 each

You are now ready to make an informed decision and start customising your Divan bed to make a truly unique and spectacular centre-piece for your bedroom.

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