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What are zip & link mattresses?

What are zip & link mattresses?

Are you wondering what the point is of a zip and link mattress? Otherwise known as zip-link mattresses? Or, maybe, you have never heard of them, but interested to know what they are? Here we will explain what a zip and link mattress is and the benefits of buying one.

So, what exactly is a zip and link mattress?

Put simply, they are two mattresses that a joined or linked by a zip to create one full sized mattress. Often, zip and link mattresses come in a king or super king size.

The benefits of a zip and link mattress

There are a few reasons why you might want to purchase a zip and link mattress.

  1. A zip and link mattress is great for couples with differing preferences on comfort or feel of their mattress due to different body weights. The two mattresses joining to become one, means you can split the firmness level on each side, and then put them together to create a king or single king mattress.
  2. A benefit of a zip and link is that is helps avoid roll together of the mattress. The weight of two people sleeping on one mattress can often cause the springs within to compress throughout the centre of the mattress, which is said to create a ‘roll’. When you use the zip and link, the central compression is minimised because it’s technically two separate mattresses made into one.
  3. It’s a good option to purchase if you have a narrow staircase and will find it difficult to get the full-sized mattress up your stairs and into the bedroom of your choice. It can also be separated in the future to make up two single beds if necessary.
  4. You could potentially request a bespoke mattress for both sides if you and your partner have different preferences for feels of a mattress or mattress type.
  5. It reduced motion transfer, so if you are sleeping with someone who often switches position, tosses and turns or simply fidgets, then this can help alleviate the disturbance you feel.

What to bear in mind when purchasing a Zip and Link Mattress

A zip and link mattress may cost a little bit more than a standard mattress, even if it is the same quality, size and feel to its equivalent king size mattress. However, there are several budget options available.

The second thing to bear in mind is that the only come in king size or super king sized.

The third, being that most large mattress brands in the UK do not offer zip and link mattresses, but they are available to purchase from Sleep Express. Simply contact us to tell us if you wish to purchase any of our king size or super king size mattresses in a zip and link style.

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