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Tips on keeping your bedroom warm this winter

Tips on keeping your bedroom warm this winter

Winter is here! Whether you’re dashing through the snow to do your shopping or simply heading out to work, despite the pretty Christmas lights, it’s safe to say the majority of us aren’t too excited for the loss of feeling in our toes, and the nippiness that grips our ears and fingertips.

With the winter season arriving, love it or loathe it, you need to be prepared for it. If you’re as excited to get home, wrap up and get cosy during these chilling nights as we are, let us help you make it all the more exciting, by helping you to make your bedroom feel comfy and warm. Here are some tips for making your bedroom warm this winter. Some are obvious, but the others might surprise you.

Beginning with bedding

As the temperature drops, new bedding is a quick solution to heat issues on winter nights. If you’re currently waking up on a morning with a shiver on your arm, your comfortable friend isn’t serving its purpose. Try switching to flannel, fleece, or cotton layered blankets, and incorporate a down-filled comforter or duvet.

You could also consider rocking down to electric avenue for winter. Have you ever thought about purchasing electric sheets or an electric mattress pad? They’ll inject your bed with a much needed burst of heat. You should be aware that electric sheets are only for adults, and should be on top of the duvet when plugged in. Mattress pads, however, are safe to leave switched on below your bedsheets.

Deleting draughts from your windows

Breezes in the bedroom are a real pain. Nobody wants the winter night’s air ruining their sleep. Windows are usually the main issue here, because cold temperatures can transfer through glass, and air leaks can make the issue worse. To eliminate these, window seals are vital. Chalking cracks around the frame and incorporating weatherstripping your windows can make a massive difference, and it’s relatively cheap, plus easy to do.

You could also add some heavy-lined drapes, and get personal with it. We suggest warm colours to take away that frosty feeling.

Old vs New

An ever practical and old fashioned solution to the cold is a hot water bottle. They’re cheap and reusable, and highly effective. They can get really hot, so we suggest wrapping them in a cozy blanket, or popping them beneath the duvet an hour or so before you climb into bed.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more modern, consider a bed heater. They cost a little more, but they’re very good. Bed heaters blow warm air through your sheets, heating them up in a matter of minutes. They’re also energy saving, so much more cost effective than turning up the thermostat.

Wrap up 

Pajamas are another cheap and cost effective solution to the cold. There are some great, seasonal, warming pajamas out there, as well as thick fluffy socks to keep your toesies toasty. If you’re exceptionally chilly, invest in a onesie!

You can also buy sleep hats, which are not far off a traditional knitted beanie. We expel a lot of heat from our heads, so this practical solution will stop you hiding your head beneath the duvet.


If your floors are cold and you can’t afford underfloor heating, a thick floor covering is a great solution to chilly toes. These are especially good for wooden or tiled floors, and you can put them away in the summer if they’re no longer your vibe. Look for thick weaves in a style you like.

Blankets are the best

Winter is the best time to stockpile blankets. Adding a few extra layers to your bed can make a massive difference, especially if your blanket is weighted. Not only will they make your bedroom appear warmer visually, but they’ll keep you cozy when you’re wrapped up in bed, and you can take them from your bedroom to your living room, warming them up with your body heat before you slip between the sheets. You get what you pay for with blankets, so opt for thicker and warmer materials, such as wool and fleece.

Catching a scent and faking your way

Humans operate on five key senses, and it’s important you factor them in for warmth. Have you ever smelt tomato soup cooking, or bread baking, and felt instantly warmer? We all have. Research shows we actually crave food smells that trigger an emotional connection in the winter months. The right smell has the ability to make you feel cozier, so look for candles and oils that smell like warmth, such as orange, cinnamon and spices. Or, if you’re not a fan of the sweet stuff (and you’re feeling brave), why don’t you actually try to bake a loaf of bread yourself? Your whole home will smell comforting and warm.

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