What is the Difference Between Open Coil and Pocket Sprung Mattresses?

Many people are unable to determine the difference between open coil and pocket sprung mattresses, even though we are more conscious about healthy sleep than ever before. We all want to sleep well and live healthily, so how do we do this and what is the difference between open coil and pocket sprung mattresses anyway?

Mattresses are often one of the most expensive things in your home, but we all know how important a great night's sleep is to your long-term health and happiness. To get a sound night’s sleep and a solid investment form your mattress, you first need to know which type of mattress is right for you.

Mattresses are usually made in either open coil or pocket sprung styles, and this article will help you distinguish between them and choose the right style for your needs. Both styles of mattress rely on multiple springs to support your body, but they d

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