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Platform Bed vs Box Spring: A Complete Comparison

Platform Bed vs Box Spring: A Complete Comparison

There are so many types of mattresses to choose from that it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. And when you finally find the perfect mattress, it might not fit on your bed, whether you’re using a bed frame or box spring.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the main differences between box springs and modern bed frames UK so that you can pick the right mattress for your needs and sleep tight. While many people use the terms interchangeably, there are significant differences between bed frames and box springs…

What Is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a kind of bed frame that offers support to all types of mattresses without the need for a box spring. Platform beds have inbuilt platforms – typically made of wood or metal – to lift your mattress off the ground, while a box spring is a traditional frame in the shape of a box.

Types of Platform bed:

Some common types of platform bed are:

1.  Low profile platform beds:

As the name implies, low-level platform beds are a kind of platform bed frame that sits just above the floor, maybe one or one and a half feet off the ground. These bed frames typically range from 12-18 inches high and many people find them easier to climb in and out of, making them desirable for those with reduced mobility.

2.  Solid platform beds:

Solid platform beds are made from a solid surface – commonly wood, metal or plastic – that supports the mattress. These beds are often simpler to manufacture, and longer-lasting than other types of platform beds, making them a good investment for many homeowners.

3.  Slatted platform beds:

Slatted platform beds consist of grids or slats – often made from wood – arranged at 2 or 3-inch intervals that offer improved ventilation to the mattress and sleeper. This traditional design provides flexibility and airflow at the cost of some durability, making it common in cheaper bed frames.

4.  Floating platform beds:

As the name implies, this type of platform bed has a central support structure that makes it look like your bed is floating. While this can cause instability, the visual appeal is striking if you’re looking for stylish and modern bed frames UK, making it well worth the compromise for style-minded individuals.

Pros of a Platform Bed:

Platform bed frames have many advantages, such as:

1.  Functionality:

First and foremost, platform beds are superior to box springs because they have all-in-one functionality – a platform bed frame is all you need to support your mattress. There’s no need to buy other foundations or accessories, saving you money when comparing platform beds to box springs.

2.  Reliability:

Platform bed frames are a very reliable option, as they are almost always made from durable wood, plastic or metal and are designed to offer standalone support. Also, many types provide better ventilation than box springs, helping to improve the comfort and longevity of your mattress.

3.  Storage:

Some platform bed frames have storage options like cupboards or drawers, which you can use to store spare bedding, pyjamas, and so on.

4.  Variety:

When it comes to platform bed frames, you get lots of design, style, and material options with much more variation than you can find in box spring beds.

Cons of a Platform Bed:

1.     Large and Heavy:

Depending on the material, platform bed frames can be very cumbersome, making them difficult to move or repair, especially if they cannot easily be disassembled.

2.     Cost:

Platform beds offer support, structure and style that box springs simple do not, though you will have to pay to get a high-quality platform bed frame.

What Is a Box Spring?

Box springs are upholstered bed frames roughly the size of a mattress made of a wooden frame filled with springs and covered in fabric. Although box springs provide additional support, technological advances in mattresses mean that most people opt for stylish modern bed frames in the UK since they provide comparable comfort levels.

 Pros of a Box Spring

1.  Breathability:

Because box springs are covered in a fabric exterior, they tend to promote airflow much more than solid platform bed frames, improving heat dissipation and comfort.

2.  Cost:

Box springs typically cost less to build than platform bed frames, because they use cheaper materials such as fabric and softwoods like birch.

3.  Aesthetic:

Although style is subjective, there’s a lot to be said for the simplicity of a plain fabric box spring in a colour that complements your bedroom.

Cons of a Box Spring:

1.  Less durable:

Box springs are typically less durable than platform bed frames because they use building materials like fabric which wear out quicker.

2.  Noisy springs:

As anyone who has slept on an old sprung mattress can attest, the springs in a box spring will eventually lose their strength and flexibility, turning into a creaky, lumpy mess.

Should I Choose a Platform Bed or a Box Spring?

The answer to this question depends on whether you prioritise style over practicality or comfort over durability, as both platform and box spring bed frames have their advantages. While platform bed frames are decidedly more durable than box spring bed frames, the latter provides additional support for all types of mattresses, which is a must for many customers.

So whatever your requirements, we recommend you buy your modern bed frames UK from a trustworthy supplier and enjoy an excellent night’s sleep with improved support

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