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Our favourite mattresses under £500

Our favourite mattresses under £500

Looking for an affordable mattress under £500?

In today’s market, mattresses can be costly. If you're someone who is looking to save a bit of cash on your purchase, or if you don’t have a lot of disposable income but need an upgrade, we’re able to offer you cost-effectiveness, comfort, and a lot more for your money.

To help you (and your bank account), here are our top mattress picks for under £500.

Aurora 1000 PT

This model is from our advanced foam mattress range, and makes our list for its many great features. Its two-part build offers sublime comfort and support, so it’s perfect for you if you struggle with neck or back pain. This model has a sumptuous pillow feel, due to a layer of upholstery permanently stitched to the top of the mattress.

Beneath that, it has a second-tier of Visco memory foam, which gives a level of support that will relieve pressure off your body by keeping your shoulders and hips in alignment.

Luxury stretch fabric and several layers of filling are held in place with woolen tufts, to offer an ultimate level of comfort.

This mattress is anti-static and hypoallergenic, for the most comfortable sleep you’ll ever experience.

Cassini 5000 

Introducing the Cassini 5000, from our natural and organic range. This model is made from hypoallergenic stretch material, has pocket springs, and is double sided.

Double sided mattresses last longer than single sided ones because you can flip them, giving you a new sturdy surface whilst the other side has a chance to recover its shape.

The Cassini 5000 has a luxurious medium-soft feel, due to its combination of the finest materials, like lambswool, cashmere and silk. Because it’s made from natural materials, that means it’s breathable, which means it disperses moisture and adapts to the climate, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

It will also dissipate your body weight, which encourages insulation and adds longevity.

Revive 37.5

Revive 37.5 initiates its zero-gravity foam to give you an airy and weightless feeling as you dive under your covers. This mattress’ material will help your body to slide into a healthy position, giving you support minus the pressure.

With its amazing weight elevation, this model from our hydrogel range will keep you comfortable and in position. It's made with hypoallergenic fabric, which is perfect for sensitive skin. It also has an antibacterial and antimicrobial sleep pad, decreases hypersensitivities, and fights against bacterial development.


From our sleepaedic range, we give you the Elysia. The Elysia mattress includes orthopedic springs, damask fabric, polyester filler, deep layer filling, and it’s hand-tufted and double-sided, for that wonderful firm feeling.

The damask fabric invites an empirical feel, and with its delicately detailed nature motif design, it’s a really beautiful piece of work.

This eloquent edition to our list is stuffed with polyester fill and deep layer filling, which offers amazing comfort. This mattress is also double sided, which makes for a longer life. Just give it a flip every few weeks to allow the other side to recover its shape. Hand-tufted, this mattress has a fantastic structure and amazing stability, making it huge value for money.


If there are two of you sleeping on your bed and you’re different weights, this mattress is perfect for you. You might not think it matters what weight you are when choosing a mattress, but it absolutely does. Thinner people need softer mattresses to relieve pressure of the curve of their backs, whilst heavier people need a thick mattress for added comfort. The Calima has both.

This mattress will help you maintain a stable temperature in different positions and ensure gentle cushioning. The Calima will also help you maintain a healthy posture, which could mean fewer day to day aches and pains.


We don’t know if you can tell, but we are all about breathability and comfort, and so is the Star mattress. Made from memory foam (which is durable and stress relieving), this mattress is comfortable but firm. The Star mattress will assist your physical structure, urging you into positions that relieve pressure from your muscles and joints. You’ll feel supported in a way you never have before. It also comes with a quilted zip cover, so you can take it off and clean it easily.

We have dozens of mattresses on our website to choose from in a range of styles and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re tall or short, heavy or light, young or older, Sleep Express has the perfect mattress to suit your style and individual needs.

If you’re not sure which of our mattresses is for you, we’re always happy to help at Sleep Express. For more information, please call our helpline (0203 633 0002), or email

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