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Our favourite budget bed frames

Our favourite budget bed frames

Here at, we have a huge range of bed frame solutions we feel can meet the design and durability needs of our customers. We know that there are those customers who will see the start of bedroom design being very much linked to the architecture of a new bed frame. That bed frame will set the tone of the whole room. We also know that our customers demand a comfortable, good night's sleep, and with that in mind we are constantly striving to ensure the best construction and comfort. Oh, and the best in design for your bedroom sanctuary.

This article will look at a range of budget bed frame options that are great value and most importantly will help to set the look and feel of your whole sleeping area.

So let's have a look at some of the best value budget bed frames we have in stock, so you can make the choices you need for your existing bedroom, or as part of your bedroom redesign and decoration project. We can guarantee that you won’t be let down by our fantastic selection – and don’t forget that these are just some of our bed frames. If you have a larger budget, we have more than enough choice for you, too.

The Classic is for the traditionalist among us, who are looking for something that is strong and durable, but that is slightly understated in design. From £319.00, this is an incredible entry level bed frame, without the need to worry about build quality. This bed has the benefit of highly comfortable slat construction, with a defined base and high headboard, which has a curved featured top. To give an extra bit of class and rise, this bedframe is lifted by wooden feet. Fabric colour choices are vast with this bedframe, with 44 different colour or texture options. Added to this, there are storage options across all sizes in the range if you wish, and this adds another key benefit to the mix when planning your bedroom decoration. The ultimate benefit of this bedframe is that it will subtly fit into any room design, and be a very refined architectural piece for your next bedroom decorating project.

The next choice is very much next level in terms of design features. Modern and linked with a hint of heritage, a ‘Chesterfield’ design makes The Kensington an absolute dream for most bedroom designs. If you are looking for a robust bed frame, with a lower profile where your mattress fits, matched with a bold button studded foot that makes this bed frame something incredibly special, this is the one for you. A key feature of this modern bed frame is the feet, which are stylishly presented in chrome flat pressed metal. There is an air of New York City apartment about this frame, and we see it fitting into a modern – even industrial styled - bedroom. Available in 44 different colours or textures and with storage options across the size range, this will be a feature piece of your room, and will make any sleep space a comfortable and welcoming zone. Priced from £319.00.

The Daisy is probably one of our most fun bed frames at a budget price, offering style in terms of design, with strong build and wider quality. We see this being a bedframe for someone who maybe enjoys more time relaxing in the bedroom, and having this frame as the focal point would not disappoint. Maybe you want to read in bed, or watch TV? We think the architecture and comfort of the slat based system will allow you to feel happy and well rested, however much time you spend on your Daisy bed. With an extremely stylish and well designed feature headboard - and no footboard - this bed frame sits on wooden legs, and is a statement piece for any stylish abode. It has 44 colour or texture options, and storage available across the size range. The Daisy bed frame is one of our absolute favourites, and from £339.00, is fantastic value for money.

Moving slightly up in terms of our range, The Winchester bed frame adds a very distinct level of minimalism. This understated design is incredibly subtle, making it ideal for any bedroom setting. The design gives vertical banding on the headboard and the very narrow footboard, which sits below the midrange point of the mattress, almost in the same way as a divan would. Sitting very low to the floor, there is an air of a younger market targeting with this bedframe, and in the right colour tone it would look at home in a modern bedroom, with bold colours and natural lighting options accompanied by minimal other furniture in the room. Storage is available across the size range, and added to that the choice of 44 colours or textures, to give you a great range of options linked with fantastic value, with prices from £399.00.

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