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Minimalist bedroom inspiration for a better night’s sleep

Minimalist bedroom inspiration for a better night’s sleep

Our bedrooms are places of retreat and rest, so it’s understandable why minimalist bedroom designs have been popular for quite some time now. Think plain white linen sheets, one colour painted walls, lots of green plants and minimal furniture. While you may imagine boring or unembellished, all-white spaces with scarce furnishings, the minimalist style offers more than this. People have incorporated minimalism bedroom styles and added their own personality within, whether that’s through a boho flavour or a statement painting or wall hanging.

What is a minimalist bedroom design?

A minimalist bedroom design emphasises on function and conscientiously thinks “less is more.” However, don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t stamp your own decorative style into the mix. You can put in a slight retro feel, traditional vibe or bohemian look. While neutral colours are habitually used in these bedrooms, adding an accent colour to your bedroom palette can add visual interest to your minimalist style.

The main reason people like minimalist bedroom styles is because it rids your bedroom space of unnecessary clutter and helps you relax better. Decluttering is the first step in creating a minimalist bedroom.

Where to start when creating a minimalist bedroom?

Most bedrooms will have a wardrobe and if you’re after a minimalist bedroom, then a capsule wardrobe is all that you will need. Clothes can get messy, and too many of them means trying to squeeze them untidily into a small space.

Sort your clothing out by choosing your adored fashion items and donate the rest to charity. Remove as much clutter as possible next so that you are left with a tidy room to use as your canvas.

Examples of Minimalist bedroom for Inspiration

Here are some clutter free minimalist bedroom designs to inspire you to create your own:

  1. White linens, White walls, with an earthy toned rug.

Here is a beautiful image from @ dreamgreendiy

  • Sun-Soaked Minimalist Bedroom with all white everything

This light-filled room posted on Instagram by @mareeofficial is simply beautiful.

  • Bohemian-Style Minimalist Bedroom

We love this bedroom design posted by @bohobellafamily. Finding equilibrium in a minimalist bedroom can be the difference between the look feeling cold and stylishly lived-in. Here, the bohemian accents are balanced out with the soft curves and lines of the lamp and plants. Book spines also add a romantic vibe to the room.

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