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How to Make Your Bedroom Look Like a Hotel Suite

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Like a Hotel Suite

Hotels around the world pride themselves on style and comfort, from premium suites at the Hilton in London to boutique bed and breakfasts in the Cotswold’s, so why not style your home after a hotel? Whether you’re dying to get back to the soft bedspread or love the lighting at the last hotel you stayed in, there are plenty of reasons to decorate your bedroom like a hotel suite and a variety of easy ways to do it.

Sure, you may not be able to build a full-scale replica of a Hyatt or a Hilton in your bedroom, but you can give your room a hotel theme with a few small tweaks. Here are some tips and tricks for making your bedroom look like a hotel suite, so you can look forward to your next trip in style:

How to Create a Hotel-Style Bedroom

While everyone dreams of getting away to a luxurious hotel, that isn’t always feasible or affordable, which is why lots of people are decorating their bedrooms to look like hotel suites. With a little time, money, and creativity you too can rest your head in a bedroom that looks like it belongs in a 5-star hotel.

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Like a Luxury Hotel

Use Luxury sheets

Whether you stay in a family-run bed and breakfast or a well-known hotel chain, the quality of your bedding can make all the difference in your stay. Because many premium hotels pride themselves on the quality of their bedding, choosing some high-quality quilts and bedsheets is a simple way to make your bedroom look and feel a little more like a fancy hotel.

You don’t have to buy designer sheets, but a restrained design in colours matching your favourite hotel’s branding with a high thread count is sure to make your next snooze feel more like a hotel stay. Even if you don’t have the most refined bedframe, a simple modern bed frame UK can instantly be improved with fancy sheets.

Decorating Your Bedroom to Look Like a Hotel

As the old saying goes “the devil is in the details” and a lot of the style of a hotel room comes from small things like fixtures, fittings, decorations, etc. With a few small changes, your bedroom will be well on its way to resembling a fancy hotel room, so why not consider the following:

Use Warm Lighting

Lots of hotels use warm lighting – lights with a faint orange or yellow tint – to help create the illusion of depth and make the space feel more inviting. Whether you use coloured bulbs, inset lighting fixtures (such as wall sconces) or paint your walls in warm colours, warm lighting can make any room look more elegant and relaxing.

Install uplights

Uplights are lights installed on the floor of a room which cast light upon the walls and ceilings to create gentle, diffused light that accentuates the boundaries of the room. This technique is used in hotels all around the world to make rooms and outside spaces seem grand, so why not use small light fixtures in your bedroom for a similar effect?

Hotel room interior design

Use Fluffy Rugs

Soft textures play an important role in interior design, muffling sound and improving comfort, which is why many hotels use especially fluffy carpets. Although quality shag carpeting can cost a pretty penny, you can achieve a similar effect with fluffy area rugs – choose a colour and/or pattern that matches your hotel theme and imagine you’re at a fancy hotel the next time your feet touch the fluff.

Use Pillows

Pillows, cushions, and even stuffed toys all help to create a space that looks and feels soft and elegant, especially if you colour coordinate and/or stick to a theme like your fave hotel. If you have a large bed, bench, or chair, adorn them with a few fancy pillows and your bedroom will look more refined in seconds.

Get Creative with Bedside Tables

Bedside tables and cabinets are a common feature in hotels, allowing guests to store personal effects, charge their devices and more, though they are just as important in terms of style. If you already have a bedside table, you can make it look more refined with a new coat of paint or polish to match the style of your favourite hotel and pair practicality with style.

Understanding the Appeal of Luxury Hotel Style Bedrooms

More than just a place to rest your head during a trip, luxury hotels can soothe our minds and relax our bodies, which is why lots of people are trying to emulate them in their own bedrooms. While we may be unable to travel to exotic locales and enjoy 5-star service, at least we can enjoy a good night’s sleep in a bedroom that looks like a fancy hotel. Whether you’re trying to live vicariously through lockdown or are trying to reinvent your interior decoration with a creative theme, creating a hotel-style bedroom is a great way to liven up your home. Hopefully, the hints and tips in this article have inspired you to redecorate your bedroom like your ideal hotel room and bring a little bit of excitement into your home.

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