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How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

Multipurpose furniture, such as sofa beds, can be unique and beneficial in many ways, offering the style of a sofa and the functionality of a bed in one piece of furniture. While sofa beds are a great solution for people who don’t have the room for a separate guest bed, bad examples can be uncomfortable and impractical, offering the worst of both worlds.

In order to give your guests the best night’s sleep possible, you should try and include mod cons and accessories (such as a bedroom bench) to make their stay comfortable and cosy. However, if your sofa bed isn’t the best, there are some solutions you can try…

Making a sofa bed comfortable:

If your sofa bed is uncomfortable, don’t turn away your next visitors just yet – we have several tips to help you make that hybrid piece of furniture a little easier to lie in, such as: 

Tip no.1: Use a mattress topper:

One of the simplest ways of improving the comfort of any bed – sofa or otherwise – is with a mattress topper, which is an extra cushion that lies on top of a mattress to offer extra support. While these mattress toppers cannot redeem a broken sofa bed, they can add priceless support and comfort to any hard or lumpy mattress and are available in a variety of materials including:

1.    Wool toppers: 

The natural breathable properties of wool provides a cooling effect in summer and a warming effect in winter, adding comfort all year long. However, wool is more expensive than other materials, making this one of the less affordable options in this list…

2.    Feather toppers:

Renowned for their low weight and soft feel, feathers have been used in bedding for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. Offering a lightweight, breathable cushion, feather mattress toppers offer excellent comfort but less support than other, firmer options. 

3.    Latex toppers:

Made with natural latex, artificial latex, or an amalgamation of both, latex mattress toppers are popular for their bouncy support, durability, and temperature control. Furthermore, latex toppers are hypoallergenic and will not trigger the allergies of your guests.

4.    Cotton and polyester toppers:

Because cotton and polyester are so widely available, mattress toppers made with these materials are some of the cheapest mattress toppers on the market. Available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, cotton and polyester mattress toppers are extremely soft and easy to clean and maintain. 

Tip no.2: Cozy pillows:

Our second tip for making your sofa bed more comfortable is adding lots of cosy pillows, especially ones that provide support for your neck and head. While pillows can never replace a comfy mattress, they can offer support and comfort for your guests’ necks, which helps reduce muscle soreness in the morning.

Tip no.3: Clean the mattress:

Before making your sofa bed, be sure to clean the mattress, sweeping it of lint, crumbs and any other debris as you would a proper bed. Furthermore, sofa bed mattresses are typically thinner than conventional mattresses and may retain the contours of people who sat or slept there previously, so you should flip it regularly to try and bring back its original shape.

Tip no.4: Use fresh bedsheets:

As with normal beds, you should regularly change the sheets, pillow cases, etc. of sofa beds so that guests don’t have to sleep on dirty and/or musty sheets. If you are unable to remove the bedsheets from your sofa bed, you should use a fabric spray to refresh your sofa bed at the very least.

Tip no.5: Add a comfy bench:

If you’ve followed all the previous tips and the guest bedroom (or lounge) is still missing a certain something, why not try accessorizing with a bedroom bench for example? Additional furniture such as side tables allow your guests to keep their phone, watch, etc. conveniently close, as they would in a traditional bedroom, so give your guests some thought the next time you consider replacing your old coffee table.

Tip no.6: Lower the lighting:

Next, you should consider the ambience around your sofa bed, doing your best to avoid harsh lighting that makes it hard for guests to relax and fall asleep. By adding a couple of bedside lamps around your sofa bed, you can make your guests feel more relaxed, helping them to fall asleep.

Tip no.7: Aromatic candles

If your sofa bed is situated near your lounge or kitchen area, it may be full of distracting smells that make it harder for your guests to sleep. By using a scented candle or two, you can mask these smells with soothing scents that will help your guests to relax.

Are sofa beds comfortable for every night sleep?

While sofa beds are comfortable enough for a few nights sleep (especially if you follow the tips and tricks in this article), we don’t recommend using them as a permanent sleeping arrangement. Because they lack the support of a proper mattress, sleeping on a sofa bed every night may result in long-term back issues, though they are completely fine for short-term guests.

Why are sofa beds uncomfortable?

Sofa beds are convenient, but many questions their comfort, as they offer less support than traditional beds and tend to have lumpy or misshapen mattresses, due to their use as sofas. The three mains reasons that sofa beds can be uncomfortable are:

1.    Folding frames:

Most sofa beds rely on folding frames made from metal, wood, or a combination of both have an unfortunate tendency to disturb the user. Many people claim that these folding frames ‘pinch’ them or disrupt their sleep as they can feel the rigid edges, which can be very annoying.

2.    Mattress Quality:

Even if you buy a premium sofa bed, the mattress will still be thinner than a traditional bed mattress, which may cause you discomfort in the long run. To help reduce this problem, we recommend you use a mattress topper, which adds extra padding and support. 

3.    Size:

Sofa beds are typically smaller than traditional double beds, so taller guests may find their legs dangling over the edge, making it harder to sleep. However, there is a quick fix for this – just place a bedroom bench at the foot of your sofa bed and taller guests will be able to rest their feet on the bench, increasing the effective size of your sofa bed.

Types of sofa beds:

Although people think of sofa beds as a single product, there are many types of sofa beds which differ in the way that they transform between their sofa and bed forms:

Pull out sofa bed:

Pull out sofa beds are an attractive and stylish option for accommodating guests, easily converting from a sofa to a bed with a pull and lifting motion. As the back of the sofa remains in place, you can easily place these sofa beds against a wall or in an alcove for more space in your lounge or guest room.

Clic-clac sofa beds:

While these sofa beds offer less support than other models, the simple mechanism and storage options make them a viable option for smaller houses and apartments. By simply dropping the back of the sofa down (until it ‘clacs’ into place), these sofa beds transform before your eyes.


So-called because the supporting frame looks like the letter “a” when in the sofa configuration, these sofa beds are extremely easy to turn from sofa to bed. Simply pull the front of the sofa bed and the back folds out to create the mattress surface.

3-Fold and Roll Out

In these models of sofa beds, the mattress surface is stored beneath the seating cushions and folds out in motion to provide a quick sleeping area with optimal comfort. Offering greater comfort at the cost of increased mechanical complexity, this type of sofa bed is a more premium option.

Difference between sleeper sofas and sofa beds:

While many people use the terms ‘sleeper sofa’ and ‘sofa bed’ interchangeably, there is a huge difference between them: Sofa beds can function as sofas and beds, though they lack traditional mattresses. Contrastingly, sleeper sofas have mattresses hidden within their frames to offer greater comfort.

Bottom Line: 

Sofa beds are a very convenient way to accommodate guests if you lack a separate guest room for them, but they don’t provide as much comfort as a traditional mattress. However, you can use some of the tips we’ve recommended to make your sofa bed comfortable enough for your guests. 

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