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How to Create a Comfortable Guest Bedroom

How to Create a Comfortable Guest Bedroom

Guest bedrooms sometimes fall quite low on the priority list, especially when there are budget and time restrictions. But the look and feel of your guestroom can be just as important as your master bedroom, or anywhere else in the home.

Not only is your spare room there to accommodate guests, but it’s also a neutral space for family members to relax. And overnight visitors who have a good night’s sleep will look forward to returning again. Comfort is key when it comes to design, so here are our tips for making your guest bedroom as comfortable and inviting as possible.

Invest in a quality mattress

It can be tempting to choose a budget mattress when designing a spare room, but that doesn’t always give you the best value for money. If you intend on living in the same property for 5+ years, it could be worth stretching to a mid to high range mattress instead. It’s also important to consider the guests that are likely to visit you in this time.

For instance, if you welcome a lot of couples into your home, a mattress with motion control to isolate movements of someone tossing and turning could be a great purchase. Something like the Indulgence 2000 Pocket Mattress (£249.00 for a double) features 2000 pocket springs to absorb the weight of your body and reduce disturbance for the person next to you.

Or if you have elderly family members staying over on a regular basis, a medium to firm mattress like our Elara 2000 Mattress (starts at £349.00 for a single) can help them get in and out of bed easily. It all depends on your guests, but for most people a universal mattress of medium firmness usually works best to please everyone.

Choose a sturdy bed

While your own bed may work for you and your sleeping partner, it doesn’t mean that it will suit your guests. The type of bed you need depends very much on factors such as body weight and shape and how frequently the bed will be used. To ensure your spare room bed lasts and provides enough support and comfort, choose something sturdy like a divan. Our collection of divan beds have more surface area connection with the floor compared to a metal or wooden bed frame, meaning they won’t wobble or creak in the middle of the night.

A bed with storage can be beneficial too, as this means you’ll be able to prevent clutter. Storage is one of the biggest challenges in a family home, and having extra space to keep spare bedding and towels can be handy.

Choose neutral, relaxing colours

While personal preferences differ from guest to guest, there are some safe colour schemes that can please the crowds. Neutrals such as creams, off whites, grey or beige tones are all fantastic options if you want something timeless. They are also relaxing, calming and less likely to induce headaches like some bright colours.

Colour psychology also tells us that soft blues and light pinks are soothing, which could help guests enjoy a better night’s rest. Any colours that connect with nature, such as earthy hues and greens can be a good choice too. Additionally, house plants have the ability to purify the air and improve your breathing, so don’t forget to add some greenery to your guest bedroom.

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