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  1. Tips to sleep better during lockdown

    Tips to sleep better during lockdown

    In today’s lockdown life, understanding how we sleep - and the effect it has on the quality of life if we don’t get enough sleep - has become a topic of interest to scientists and the general public. On top of everything else we have to deal with at the moment, the last thing we need is to add insomnia to our increasing list of worries.

    Increasing levels of worry and confusion might be impacting how much shut-eye you’re managing to squeeze in alongside everything else. But fighting the cognitive and emotional issues sleep deprivation can bring will only add to your troubles. It’s important we sort this out.

    Here are our top tips for getting a good night of sleep during lockdown.

    Put your day to bed

    Before jumping into the sack, t

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  2. The best mattresses for those who suffer from allergies

    The best mattresses for those who suffer from allergies

    As we all know, sleep is crucial for our health and wellbeing. Depravity of this daily action can alter immune functions, even for healthy people who do not suffer from allergies. People with chronic diseases are more vulnerable to sleep disruptions caused by the presence of symptoms of illness at night, which can negatively affect a person's quality of sleep, and lower the immune system. Allergies are one of the most common chronic diseases and - when not treated right - have the ability to affect sleep in important ways.

    It’s important to understand that different materials on your mattress may have an impact on the accumulation of allergens. A typical used mattress is home to between 100,000 and 1 million mites. That may sound surprising, but when you understand an average person sheds roughly 454 grams of skin a year, and that the average person sweats around 285ml every night (moisture that is then left in your b

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  3. Why purchasing a second-hand mattress is never a good idea

    Why purchasing a second-hand mattress is never a good idea

    For many, buying second-hand goods is a great way to save money. Lots of us enjoy looking out for a great deal where we can, like a quirky antique table, or something smaller, like an old book to read on a cosy night in. Most of the time, these purchases are win-win situations, not only are you getting something cheap, but you’re giving life to something that might have ended up clogging up a landfill if it weren’t for you buying it. However, there are some things you should really consider buying new. Your mattress is one of them.

    We spend roughly a third of our life asleep, and good sleep is considered important for your health and wellbeing. It’s not a good idea to cut corners with a purchase that can have such a big impact on your life. And you don't need to. Here at Sleep Express, we offer a variety of high quality mattresses at affordable prices.


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  4. 5 dreamy winter bedroom looks

    5 dreamy winter bedroom looks

    The internet is a dream. Not only can we keep in touch with our loved ones, but we can find the inspiration we’re looking for in any part of our lives, from careers, to clothing, to bedrooms. That last one is the one we’re interested in. Beds are our bread and butter. They’re the focal point of a bedroom, and we love looking at how people dress them.

    As the winter months approach, there’s a whole host of gorgeous winter bedrooms blooming all over the internet. We thought you’d like to see some. We’re sure you won’t be able to copy the splendour of the ones we found (or perhaps you already have!), but there’ll be elements of these you can incorporate into your own bedroom if you want to.

    1. @decordreamin100


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  5. Which foods help or hinder sleep?

    Which foods help or hinder sleep?

    If you’re struggling to sleep, you’ll no doubt be wondering why. Perhaps you’ll put it down to stress and anxiety, you might think you need to change your mattress or bedding, but did you know it might be because you’re eating something that doesn’t agree with you?

    When micronutrients are manipulated, they can provoke sleep deprivation. At the same time, the things you eat can affect your sleep positively, so it might be time to swap out some ingredients.

    To help, here is a list of the best and worst things to eat if you’re looking for a full night of shut-eye.

    Bad foods for sleep


    So obviously caffeine is bad for sleep. It not only stops you from fa

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  6. Best Mattresses for Couples

    Best Mattresses for Couples

    A lot goes into choosing the right kind of mattress for your bedroom. Not only do you need to consider different levels of firmness for your body weight, but you also need to think about your sleeping position. Throw a sleeping partner into the mix and there are even more variables to the selection process. test

    Finding a suitable mattress that works for both of you isn’t always easy. But we’ve picked out some top mattress products to cover a multitude of needs and preferences. Here’s a guide to choosing the best mattresses for couples, plus recommended buys for the perfect night’s sleep.

    The best mattresses for cushioned comfort

    If you want extra cushioning and added support for the spine, look for a mattress that comes with a pillow top layer. A pillow top mattress helps to contour the back, h

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  7. Tips on keeping your bedroom warm this winter

    Tips on keeping your bedroom warm this winter

    Winter is here! Whether you’re dashing through the snow to do your shopping or simply heading out to work, despite the pretty Christmas lights, it’s safe to say the majority of us aren’t too excited for the loss of feeling in our toes, and the nippiness that grips our ears and fingertips.

    With the winter season arriving, love it or loathe it, you need to be prepared for it. If you’re as excited to get home, wrap up and get cosy during these chilling nights as we are, let us help you make it all the more exciting, by helping you to make your bedroom feel comfy and warm. Here are some tips for making your bedroom warm this winter. Some are obvious, but the others might surprise you.

    Beginning with bedding

    As the temperature drops, new bedding is a quick solution to heat issues on winter nights. If you’

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  8. How to Create a Comfortable Guest Bedroom

    How to Create a Comfortable Guest Bedroom

    Guest bedrooms sometimes fall quite low on the priority list, especially when there are budget and time restrictions. But the look and feel of your guestroom can be just as important as your master bedroom, or anywhere else in the home.

    Not only is your spare room there to accommodate guests, but it’s also a neutral space for family members to relax. And overnight visitors who have a good night’s sleep will look forward to returning again. Comfort is key when it comes to design, so here are our tips for making your guest bedroom as comfortable and inviting as possible.

    Invest in a quality mattress

    It can be tempting to choose a budget mattress when designing a spare room, but that doesn’t always give you the best value for money. If you intend on living in the same property for 5+ years, it co

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  9. Health and Wellbeing Post #3

    Health and Wellbeing Post #3
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  10. Health and Wellbeing Post #2

    Health and Wellbeing Post #2
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