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Best Mattresses for Couples

Best Mattresses for Couples

A lot goes into choosing the right kind of mattress for your bedroom. Not only do you need to consider different levels of firmness for your body weight, but you also need to think about your sleeping position. Throw a sleeping partner into the mix and there are even more variables to the selection process. test

Finding a suitable mattress that works for both of you isn’t always easy. But we’ve picked out some top mattress products to cover a multitude of needs and preferences. Here’s a guide to choosing the best mattresses for couples, plus recommended buys for the perfect night’s sleep.

The best mattresses for cushioned comfort

If you want extra cushioning and added support for the spine, look for a mattress that comes with a pillow top layer. A pillow top mattress helps to contour the back, hips and shoulders. For couples dealing with aches and pains, this kind of mattress design can relieve the body of pressure points often created by traditional mattresses.

Side sleeping couples will also find a medium mattress with a comfort layer extremely comfortable as it gently supports the natural alignment of the spine. And while the extra cushioning feels soft to sleep on, it usually provides the same level of support as a firmer mattress due to its ability to offer advanced weight distribution.

So for those couples in need of extra reinforcement with their mattress, pillow top designs could be the perfect choice. 

Recommended product:

  • Aurora 1000 Pillow Top Mattress (medium feel) – starts from £289 for a double

The Aurora 1000 PT is the ultimate choice for cushioned comfort. It features a sumptuous pillow top permanently stitched on the mattress, and combines both memory foam and reflex foam to give consistent weight support all night.

The best mattresses for restless sleepers

Sharing your bed with someone who moves around a lot in their sleep can be frustrating. Whether your partner is a restless sleeper dealing with RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) or prone to tossing and turning, the outcome can be unhealthy for both of you.

In order to find the best mattress for couples with this problem, it’s important to choose something that is comfortable and supportive enough. The mattress also has to mould to different body shapes and provide motion separation.

A pocket sprung mattress offers less disturbance than traditional coils because each spring operates separately from the rest of the bed, meaning movement can be diffused (and not felt by the other person). 

Recommended product:

  • Indulgence 2000 Pocket Mattress (medium/firm) – starts from £249 for a double

This zero-gravity mattress is all about weightlessness so you can slip into a comfortable position easily. With 2000 pocket springs, this mattress absorbs the weight of your body to prevent tossing and turning. It also reduces movement for minimum disturbance to the person next to you.

The best mattresses for couples who want 100% natural   

Green living is something that more and more couples are interested in. From reducing our carbon footprint to reducing pollutants in the home, there are many reasons for choosing natural products.

If you want outstanding comfort and cushioning with low environmental impact, consider something like natural latex. It provides flexible support for the spine, is known for its anti-bacterial qualities, and is also an eco-friendly alternative.

Latex happens to be dust mite, mildew and mould resistant too. Making it perfect for a healthy night’s sleep and keeping you both safe from toxic allergens.

Recommended product:

  • Latex 2000 Natural Mattress (medium feel) – starts from £409 for a double

For organic design and unbeatable comfort, the Latex 2000 Mattress is a great addition to the eco home. This is one of the best mattresses for couples who don’t want to sacrifice luxury and want the best of both worlds.

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