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Best mattress for different sleep positions

Best mattress for different sleep positions

Choose the best mattress depending on your sleep position with Sleep Express. Here is a guide on choosing the perfect mattress for side sleepers, back sleepers, front sleepers and more.

Did you know, depending on how you sleep, there is a mattress out there for you that will aid correct body posture and give you the best night’s sleep?

Picking the best mattress for your sleep position

As a UK Mattress Manufacturer that supplies mattresses to many well-known and reputable mattress brands, we know we can offer extremely competitive prices directly to consumers, having cut out the middle man, we bring you Sleep Express. Your access to affordable sleep.

After making millions of grades of mattresses, we’re confident that whatever sleep position you prefer, we will have the perfect mattress to suit.

Using our guide, choose the best mattress for you, depending on your sleep position and fall asleep soundly knowing you saved yourself some money.

Different mattresses suit different sleep positions

Side Sleeping

Research shows that side sleeping is the most common sleep style in the UK as more than 50% of Brits tend to sleep on a foetal or side position. This is a great way of sleeping if you are pregnant or suffer from reflux or heart burn.  

If you are a side sleeper, we recommend buying a mattress that relieves pressure from your shoulders and hips. This is to complement the natural alignment of your spine. Most side sleepers will love a comfort layer on their mattress and will be best off going for a medium/soft mattress feel.

Best mattresses for side sleepers:

  • Option 1 Alpinia 3000 PT – Soft Medium grade 2, starting from £389 for single
  • Option 2 Sensation 2000 Medium grade 3 starting at £339
  • Option 3 Elevate 1000 soft medium grade 2 – starting from £199

Stomach Sleeping

Once again, alignment of the spine is of utmost importance when you sleep. So, if you are a stomach sleeper, we recommend going for a firmer grade of mattress to maintain that spine alignment. Having a soft mattress as a stomach or front sleeper will cause your torso to dip so your spine will be arched, as opposed to keeping it aligned. A firm or medium firm mattress is recommended to provide essential support. The firmness of these mattresses will allow maximum comfort while preventing you sinking in and arching your spine.

Best Mattresses for stomach or front sleepers:

  • Option 1 Tencel 2000 – Pocket Spring Medium grade 3, starting from £299
  • Option 2 Calima medium-firm natural mattress grade 4, starting from £229
  • Option 3 Firm Support – Grade 6 Sleepeadic grade 6, starting from £159

Back Sleeping

Back sleepers tend to fluctuate on their preferences of mattress support, with some preferring softer mattresses to rest on, whilst others will love the feel of a firm. However, if you are once again thinking about spine alignment then you should go for a firmer mattress than side sleepers. As such, we would recommend an orthopaedic mattress to support your back.

An orthopaedic mattress is specifically designed to gently support your back and joints while stopping your torso from sinking in.

Best mattresses for back sleepers:

  • Option 1 Everest, Firm 5, starting from £209
  • Option 2 Ortho, Medium Firm grade 4, starting from £109
  • Option 3 Baroness, Firm 5, starting from £129

Combination Sleeping

Best mattress for combination sleepers:

Most sleepers are combination sleepers, meaning they often shift sleeping positions throughout the night. This means you often fall asleep, may on your side, and wake up on your back or front. Those combination sleepers, each often has a preference for how they like the mattress to feel but we think a medium-firm ticks most boxes in keeping the spine aligned and provide the support you will need for each position.

Best mattresses for combination sleepers:

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