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Bedroom inspiration for cosy winter nights

Bedroom inspiration for cosy winter nights

If you are looking for some amazing tips on how to make your bedroom look cosy through these upcoming winter nights, you’re in the right place. There are so many easy and affordable things to do.

Bedrooms are important. Though some people see them as a place to crash after a night of partying, studying, or a long day at work, many others consider it their private place; a sanctuary for peace, in which they can relax and unwind.

We know you probably can’t transform your whole room, but we’ve focused here on elements you can add to the bedroom you already have. We also understand that bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so we’ve tried to accommodate for that in our suggestions.

Lightening the Mood

Lighting is a great way to utilise the space you have. Good lighting has the ability to make a space feel inviting, and is conducive for those looking to fall asleep relaxed. Consider installing dimmer switches. Dimmers traject the mood of your bedroom and add an extra dimension, making your existing lighting multifunctional and transformable.

Lighting layers mean you can alter the lighting between ambient and accent, which means you can set different moods to suit different times of the day.

Soothing colours and neutral materials

The summer rush is over. Bold patterns and bright colours are out for winter. Instead, opt for calming, intimate designs. For coziness, add sensuous and rich textures, like comfy knits, faux fur, and quilted throws, all of which, in neutral tones, are perfect for winter. Layering these soft touches can make a huge difference.

Block out the outside

Incorporating curtains to bare windows is a quick win and can instantly transform your bedroom. Not only do they look great, but they’ll make your bedroom feel much warmer. To maintain a comfortable and snug vibe, we recommend sticking to calming colours, so as not to disrupt the balance of your winter bedroom. If you have larger windows, this is especially important. You don’t want the room to be too fussy, especially if you’ve layered up on other aspects of the room.

Pillows and a lot more pillows

Do we need to justify how many pillows we have in our room? We don’t think so. Not only do pillows give extra comfort, they’re also decorative. Depending on the theme you go with for your pillow and cushion covers, you can change your room from winter chic to winter wonderland, then back again.

Seasonal duvets

We suggest you take it up a tog or two for extra warmth, but think carefully about your duvet cover sets, too. Lots of highstreet shops sell beautiful seasonal duvets. We’re not talking about giant Santas (though that would be cool, if it was your vibe), but ditsy snowflakes or winter patterns, snow scenes, reindeer and Christmas trees. Topped with a comfy faux fur blanket, these duvet sets look amazing in a snuggly, winter-lit bedroom.

Saying bye to bare floors

Wooden floors and tiles are incredibly stylish, and we understand why you may have opted for them when you designed your room, but they can be unfortunate when the temperature drops and winter arrives. If you’re not able to afford underfloor heating (and let’s face it, most of us aren’t), a deep pile rug can be an awesome seasonal addition to your bedroom. Rugs that are rich in texture also help break unwelcome draughts. They add great warmth and comfort underfoot.

Making sweet scents of nature

Imagine your bedroom smelling of sweet, soothing cinnamon, pine, and spices. Warm scents are available to buy in different forms, including oils and candles, and take away that cold feeling on winter nights. You can also make your own from home. There’s lots of tips online to help you do it. Experiment, and find the best scent for you.

Less is more 

It’s time to declutter your bedroom. Remove random items, put things away, then invest in some pretty art for the walls, accompanied by minimalist furniture. You don’t need to fill up your room with lots of stuff to make it warm and cosy. Sometimes, less is more. Creating a balanced and minimalist bedroom with cozy rugs and cushions is more than enough for calm and comfort.

Keep it personal

You’re never going to feel comfortable in your bedroom if it loses its personal touch. Start simple, then inject a little bit of yourself through artwork, cushion covers, or embroidered pillows. Choose a rug that matches your style. Pick a scent that reminds you of home. Add personal touches, like teddy bears you’ve had since childhood, or framed pictures your kids painted. Perhaps you’ve travelled a lot. Now is the time to display the things that make you remember happy times on warm beaches, or cozy nights in log cabins.

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