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Bed Buying Guide: The Best Beds to Buy For Your Home

Bed Buying Guide: The Best Beds to Buy For Your Home

Everyone has their own needs and preferences when it comes to sleep. This can make shopping for the right bed a complicated task. With so many designs and styles to choose from, it can be hard knowing the right one to invest in.

If you are buying multiple beds for your home, it’s important to assess the different features available and how they could benefit each room. Here’s a guide to finding the best beds to buy and how to choose the right one.

Divan beds

The most popular bed is the divan bed, and this is because of its sturdiness and its great value for money. There’s also the option to choose a divan bed with in-built drawers, giving you extra storage in the bedroom.

Made with a box-spring base with a wooden frame, divan beds touch the floor on all sides, meaning the under-bed area isn’t on show. Covered in fabric, this style of bed is ideal for coordinating with your interior colour scheme, with plenty of colour options to choose from.


If you’re going for a very specific interior look, you may be drawn to bedframes instead of divan beds. With a bigger choice of styles and materials, you’ll be able to find something that aligns with your decor perfectly. There are wooden, metal or upholstered bedframes available, allowing you to play around with different textures and finishes.

However, when shopping for bedframes, be sure to check the base. You will need to decide on solid slats or something firmer. Slats can affect your comfort when you sleep, and may not be suitable for people with a bigger build. As a general rule, the closer the slats are, the more support you’ll get.

Beds with storage

For rooms that lack storage, a bed with drawers or ample space underneath can be a fantastic way to minimise clutter. Divan beds normally come with a 2 or 4 drawer option, and some even come with ottoman storage. Ottoman storage beds lift at the end, opening up the entire space below, making it easier to keep spare items, towels or seasonal clothing tucked away.

As well as in-built storage, you can also maximise the space under a bedframe with storage bags and boxes. If you do this, be sure to measure the space between the bedframe to the floor.

For people who like to switch their duvets over in summer and winter, or households with a lot of spare bedding, storage is an important feature. If you are lacking in wardrobe or cupboard space, a bed with storage is definitely worth the extra investment.

Buying a headboard to go with your bed

While this isn’t something to worry about with bedframes, some divans are sold as standalone bases, meaning you will need to buy the headboard separately.

Headboards come in all shapes, sizes, styles, materials and fabrics. So you’ll be able to source the right type of headboard to match your interiors. The most important decision though is choosing between a strutted headboard and a floor-standing headboard.

·      Strutted headboards

These come with two reinforced struts that attach securely to the divan base. When your bed is pushed against the wall, the struts will not be visible.

·      Floor-standing headboards

These are separate headboard units that are flush with the floor. They are considered to be more stable than strutted headboards, and they also achieve a more seamless finish with your bed.

Bunkbeds for children

A bunkbed is the best bed to buy if you need to save floor space in a shared bedroom. Plus, for families with children who enjoy sleepovers with friends, it’s an affordable and practical solution. Not only can you make the most of your vertical space, but bunkbeds are a lot of fun and can be great for playtime.

The most common types of bunkbeds are made with metal or wooden frames. So it’s important to check whether they have slats or a firm base. For children, slatted beds usually provide ample support. But if you are looking for something that has durability and longevity, consider buying a bunkbed with a solid base design.

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