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A Guide to Buying the Perfect Luxury Upholstered Bed

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Luxury Upholstered Bed

Upholstered beds are often seen as the epitome of luxury in interior design. They create an elegant feature in the room, one that demands attention. And the tactile nature of upholstery creates a high-end finish while also giving you that cosy, let’s-stay-in-bed feeling. This style of bed is definitely made for opulence and sophistication, but there are many different colours and designs out there so you can find one to match your personality.

Here’s our guide to buying the perfect luxury upholstered bed for your home.

Get to know the fabrics

There are a range of fabrics to choose from when it comes to bed frame upholstery. Some of the most popular are velvet, cotton and textured linen. You can also find specialist materials like leather and faux leather or fabrics with striking patterns and embroidery. But going for something plain is best if you want timeless appeal. 

Depending on your lifestyle, you may also wish to opt for resilient fabrics. Textured fabrics and patterned weaves (such as chenille, herringbone or nubby linens) tend to camouflage snags and scratches much better. So if you have young children and pets in the home, choosing something that can withstand wear and tear may be the wisest option.

Experiment with colour

One of the biggest benefits of upholstered beds is the variety of colours available. This means you can create a seamless colour palette with easy coordination to match the rest of your interiors. Whether you want to inject bold colour or stick with neutral hues, an upholstered bed frame is the perfect way to achieve the balance you want. 

Popular colours that work well in any setting include soft greys, warm beiges, elegant ivory or mink. These help to create a muted colour scheme to stand the test of time, and can be styled with various furnishings over the years. Other sought after shades include black velvet, grown-up navy and a variety of pinks across the colour spectrum. But brights and bolds should be selected carefully as they can age quicker and lose their appeal as trends come in and out.

Choose the right bed design

Just like fabrics, textures and colours, bed design options are virtually endless with upholstered beds. So you’ll be able to find something that looks good for a classical or contemporary design scheme.

The key is knowing a bit about interior nuances before you buy. For instance, for a traditional look, sleigh beds and buttoned headboards work well. On the flipside, clean lines and low footboards are great for creating that modern or minimalist look.

Consider care and maintenance

While the softness of the fabric can look lavish and make a style statement in your room, there are some drawbacks to know. Firstly, you need to make sure that an upholstered bed is suitable for your lifestyle. Alternatives such as wooden or metal bed frames can be much more durable, particularly for children’s rooms or teen bedrooms.

Cloth can stain, rip and even harbour odours, so fabrics should be vacuumed or steam cleaned regularly to prevent dirt build-up and those unwanted smells.

Don’t forget storage options…

If you like the look and feel of upholstered beds, consider choosing a divan bed set that comes with in-built storage. This is a great way of making the most of unused space in the bedroom. For homemakers who hate clutter or for growing families, divan beds with drawers make a wonderful long-term investment. See our full range of divan beds online.

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