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5 dreamy winter bedroom looks

5 dreamy winter bedroom looks

The internet is a dream. Not only can we keep in touch with our loved ones, but we can find the inspiration we’re looking for in any part of our lives, from careers, to clothing, to bedrooms. That last one is the one we’re interested in. Beds are our bread and butter. They’re the focal point of a bedroom, and we love looking at how people dress them.

As the winter months approach, there’s a whole host of gorgeous winter bedrooms blooming all over the internet. We thought you’d like to see some. We’re sure you won’t be able to copy the splendour of the ones we found (or perhaps you already have!), but there’ll be elements of these you can incorporate into your own bedroom if you want to.

  1. @decordreamin100

OK, so most of us have a Christmas tree in our living rooms, but have you ever thought about incorporating a little one in your bedroom? What a lovely way to bring festive cheer to another corner of your house.

Choose baubles that match your duvet and blankets, and dress your bedroom with chunky knits and cozy blankets.

If you love the scent of pine (and for that ultimate festive feeling), look for a real tree. There’ll be pine needles on your carper, but it’s for you to determine whether or not that’s worth it for the smell.

Look for fairy lights with a blue light filter so that they don’t disrupt your sleep, and never leave fairy lights on overnight, as they can overheat and become dangerous.

  1. @hermannfurniture

The wonderful thing about duvet and cushion covers is that they can be changed to match the season, and nothing is more festive than ‘Merry Christmas’ pillows and red tartan. Look at red, green and cream accessories, and team them with some winter elements, such as hanging baubles, snow globes, or Santa statues.

This look probably works best if your bedroom is neutral colours, but you can transform a bedroom of almost any colour into a winter wonderland with the right accessories.

  1. @ninetheavenue

You don’t have to go all out, you can inject winter into your bedroom with one key feature, like @ninetheavenue did here. We love this bold, beautiful, ice-blue duvet set, complete with fat snowflakes. It perfectly matches the tone of the wallpaper and lighting, but adds a touch of winter magic to an already stylish bedroom.

They’ve accessorised with a llama, but there’s no reason you can’t buy a squishy polar bear, penguin or reindeer, if you want a little extra Christma cheer. We think a little tree with light blue baubles would look beautiful, too.

  1. @oceanviewconstructions

We absolutely love this one. Nothing says winter and Christmas like a white bedroom, but this one looks so cozy and warm. There’s decorative gifts at the end of the bed, wrapped in paper that matches the pallet of the room, and beautifully delicate looking ornaments hanging either side of the mirror. These winter accessories have been carefully chosen to match the grandeur of what looked like an already impressive bedroom, which means they don’t look like they’re trying too hard. The candles on either side of the bed are an impressive and tasteful touch. We can’t imagine how beautiful this bedroom looks when lit by flame.

  1. @ourfauxfarmhouse

If subtlety isn’t your thing, why not go absolutely all out, like these people have. There are three Christmas trees (that we can see), wreaths, garlands, and fairy lights. They’re only missing a partridge in a pear tree!

It might seem a little much, but there’s no reason you can’t put away your bedroom Christmas ornaments in the same way you do your living room stuff when the festive season is over, returning your room to its original look, so if you love the season and you’re excited about it, go for it!

If you can’t afford all of this stuff, the designer of this room recommends adding Christmas trees to your bedroom, and says you don’t even need to decorate them, because fairy lights add all the sparkle you need. We think they’re probably right!

If you’re looking to overhaul your bedroom for winter, you must first decide how far you want to go. A simple festive throw or duvet can add a touch of winter class, as will winter themed decorations and ornaments. For a simple but effective change of scene, buy a winter themed duvet. There are lots online, featuring everything from reindeer to snowflakes. If you’re looking for something a little bolder, add a Christmas tree or two, or hang some baubles from your ever-present trinkets, such as mirrors or light fixtures. Or you can go all out, like number five. Add absolutely everything Christmas you can think of to your bedroom and embrace the winter season in a way not many have the gaul to do. Whatever you choose, we hope you have a wonderful winter.

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